Top 10 Transport Management Systems for Shippers in 2021

Transport management systems are a top priority for shippers as they evaluate their supply chains. These are against an ever-increasing freight charge, lower capacity in many trucks, and ever-changing customer needs.

For every shipper, finding the best transport management systems in 2021 is the goal to remain in business and experience growth. Without embracing the new strategies and changes in the industry, it’s easy for a transport company to become obsolete.

Additionally, change is inevitable as the world continues to embrace more technological advances. These are challenging traditional transport management systems and forcing many shippers to change with the times.

Therefore, all shippers need to learn what the top transport management systems are in the coming year. After that, you can choose the one that bests suits your establishment. Everyone involved in the industry, including shippers, distributors, fleet owners, third party logistics companies, and many more, must embrace this new software for their businesses.

10 Best TMS (Transport Management Systems) in 2021

1. TruckHub TMS (Transport Management System)

Embrace the advanced TruckHub TMS that comes fully equipped with all you need to take your supply chain to the next level. When you opt for it come 2021, you get a compilation of integrated engineering systems and platforms services for your business.

Additionally, TruckHub has several operating systems and open architecture for all its clients who need modular solutions. Also, you get unmatched best breed products for each stack you come across. With such high capabilities, you’re in a position of establishing the best business on location and in the cloud.

TruckHub is among the most trusted systems in the industry ranking because it gives you the best solutions. When using it, they’re free to deploy with ease and benefit immensely.


Transportation planning today requires more accurate details to fine-tune demand and supply in supply chain management. In comes SAP Transport Management System that can foretell demand to the tee together with shipment volumes. Also, it helps you improve the level of management for fleet, logistics, and improve freight.

SAP TMS also benefits you by opening your enterprise to real-time exposure on a domestic and global level. All these involve shipping across all industries and modes of transport. Also, you have a better capacity to plan according to demand and analyze transportation capacity.

Furthermore, the system encourages collaboration with other carriers to contract negotiations for water and air carriers better. Also, you can manage your transportation needs efficiently from start to finish.

3. Blujay Transport Management System

Blujay TM ranks among the best platforms on a global scale for logistics providers and shippers. Most notably, it’s part of the larger BGTN (Blujay Global Trade Network).

Despite its extensive functionality, it’s a reasonably easy Transport Management System to use, and most in the industry embrace it wholeheartedly. It uses the SaaS system as intended without cutting any corners. Therefore, all users can benefit from the scalability, innovative solutions, and BGTN global solutions.

Once you embrace this system, your enterprise benefits from a singular platform that ensures efficiency while cutting costs from start to finish. Centralized control is the best benefit of this system that enables you to manage the entire transport system.

4. MercuryGate Transport Management System

It’s hard to get a system that understands and incorporates the real world in logical solutions. Finding that perfect balance is what MercuryGate TMS strives for and explains why it’s a favorite of many in the industry today.

The system has managed to perfectly blend the dynamics of the real world and innovative technological solutions. To keep up with the changing times, it strives to enhance its core technology by increasing functionality. Also, it maintains constant communication with industry players to learn what is necessary for a better system.

By consulting with all industry players, the TMS can continue developing cutting-edge technology that integrates working strategies and technological solutions.

5. Cerasis  Transport Management System

One need for many shippers and logistics operators is better visibility in shipping and supply chain management. Also, they crave to have better control of these.

Using the Cerasis TMS, shippers benefit from fewer road challenges while getting better visibility as desired. Also, you learn more about shipments coming in and going out, which saves time.

6. Descartes Transport Management Systems

With Descartes, you can enjoy fast implementation, ease of use, and simple maintenance. With these, you get high-value delivery solutions together with better collaboration with carriers and shippers.

As one of the best platforms, you enjoy broader capabilities for freight flow together with a connection to a more extensive network of transport companies. Also, you can better manage the domestic and international transport processes.

7. Manhattan Associates Transport Management Systems

Now you can enjoy the flexibility to fulfill customers, which is done by choosing the best optimum source location. It helps to enhance service levels across all channels while fulfilling all placed orders at a faster capacity.

Also, TMS helps increase order accuracy while supporting upcoming complex models like merge-in transport flows. Once you embrace this TMS, you get closer user support from the team to increase your visibility, warehouse management, and efficiency levels.

8. TMC Transport Management System

From TMC, you get to work closely with a division of C.H. Robinson. You get better TMS in the form of advanced software covering global transport systems.

The unique feature to note with this system is that it combines 3-PL outsourcing and traditional TMS. Also, you get closer contact with customers in terms of risk and interaction. The TMC TMS provides all shippers with the know-how and technology that dictates different ways to save on cost.

9. Infor Transport Management System

Expect a higher level of efficiency in planning and executing transportation when you opt for Infor TMS. All inbound and outbound transportation processes experience effective streamlining from order placement to delivery.

You can also increase how visible the inventory is during delivery and know who the best carriers are to use at all times. It helps you to use optimization to attain freight economies.

10. MPO Transport Management System

One of the best features in this TMS helps you attain perfect streamlining of all transport processes in the whole cycle. It goes above and beyond to cover all carriers while improving efficiency. The outcome of this is customer satisfaction due to better order execution.


Taking advantage of the best TMS in 2021 will help you get better visibility in the industry. Therefore, check those listed above and make the change for a better future. With ever-changing customer needs and industry technology, it’s better to be updated.

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