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Connecting Shippers and Carriers with Dynamic Container Drayage Solutions across the USA.

Full Fleet Management for All Your Container Drayage Needs

Your one stop solution for all your drayage needs. Join a network of over 10,000 Carriers who specifically handle drayage. Our approved carriers by the UIIA and meet all requirements to pull containers from local ports to your warehouse. Leverage our technology to gain access to the best rates and the highest level of customer service. Real time tracking start to finish. Container Drayage is the perfect replacement for over the road shipments, do you have a container arriving at the port and need to find a reliable draymen? Eliminate calling your broker sign up to our online marketplace and pick from thousands of carriers who are ready to service you.

Procure and Match with Carriers for Local Drayage
20 ft Container
40 ft Container
45 ft Container
Flat Rack
Temperature Controlled
TSA Approved
FDA Approved
UIIA Approved
Airport Transfers
Benefits of using Go AssetCo

Connect with vetted carriers instantly

Manage all your shipments end-to-end

Increase capacity, optimize supply chain

Integrate multiple legacy systems

Speed cash flow with digitization

Get real-time updates with dedicated support

Our transportation management system can help effectively & efficiently manage your shipping needs.

Rate management – manage all rates and benchmark them to market data

Track & trace – visibility into your full supply chain with 24/7/365 access to your loads

Order consolidation – consolidate orders into shipments based on cost

Reporting – create customized reports based on data that is important to your business

Direct Match Between Shippers and Carriers

Shippers can create a tailored network of carriers per lane for multiple modes of transport. Go Truck Hub’s growing nationwide network directly connects you to certified carriers:

  • Vetted Safer Rating
  • HOS

Detailed Carrier Profile of each Carrier


Choose between Full Truck Load, Container Drayage or Local Carriers
Dedicated Shipper Representatives can help you from start to finish.

Say Goodbye to Hidden Broker Fees

Receive rate confirmations directly, creating a more transparent relationship with carriers

  • DRAYAGE LOAD 10% Administration Fee
  • FULL TRUCK LOAD 5% Administration Fee
  • LOCAL DELIVERIES 8% Administration Fee
  • WAREHOUSING 10% Administration Fee

Shipper Representatives working directly with your account at no HIDDEN FEES

Fully Managed, 100% Guaranteed Payments
  • Open up a credit line of 30 days with Go AssetCo
  • Automatic invoicing with all documentation attached per load
  • All loads are paid by Go AssetCo
  • Select when you want to receive your payment using our flexible Direct pay option
    • 1.5 % Quick Pay Option
Select the Carrier & Service Level Required

Dedicated team ready to handle your requests, provide quotes, compare rates, select LTL carriers, Drayage Carriers or Full Truck Load Carriers. Profiles per Carrier as well as any Carrier who has warehouses you can also see this on each carrier profile. Create bills of lading, and handle all booking and management of your shipment.

Our experts will proactively track, communicate and resolve issues every step of the way.
Type of service you can expect: Full Truck Load, Container Drayage, Local Deliveries and Warehousing.

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