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Welcome To The Carrier Academy

We’re always finding a better way to provide our customers information online and available 24-7. That’s why we’ve placed all the information and support you need, in one convenient place. Change is inevitable, and the freight industry is no exception. Technology is transforming the landscape, and here at Go AssetCo, we believe it can make people’s lives better. Better for both shippers and carriers.

Below you’ll find all our content divided into three easy-to-navigate sections focused on our brand, our technology, and our podcasts. Each resource gives you tools to succeed, no matter your expertise – whether you’re new to the freight industry or a seasoned pro. Go Truck Hub Academy powered by Go AssetCo Freight will help you learn and grow your business no matter if your a Shipper, Fleet Carrier or Driver, and we’ll be your partner every step of the way! Because if you succeed we succeed!

Our Brand

In order to bring meaningful change to the transportation industry you need to think outside the box and bring change to a fragmented and outdated industry. All of our content will be focused on bringing value to Shippers and Carriers so that we can work together with less friction. We want to empower DIRECT Relationships and the ability to reduce costs by having these direct relationships.

You will navigate Go Truck Hub’s technology, innovation and learn how to manage your back office more efficiently. Let’s change the way things are done and innovate together as a team!

Our Technology

Innovation, Discovery and Breakthrough are the key factors we try to instill in our developers. We understand you have options and we plan on bringing you technology that you feel is hard to be without. We will provide you step by step walkthroughs on how you can utilize the platform to build your best shipping network.

We are committed to evolution and making the system better, that is done by getting feedback from our customers and finding more efficient ways to get tasks executed. We strive for continuing education and content.

Using QuickBooks with Go Truck Hub

This will give you an quick run through on how QuickBooks is integrated with the Go Truck Hub platform.

How to use Rate Calculator in Go Truck Hub

This tutorial will show you how to calculate the miles for for each driver in the Go Truck Hub platform.

Go Truck Hub's Load Board

This video will walk through Go Truck Hub's Load Board page with show all the information about drivers and orders.

The Truck Hub Platform

This initial Episode will give you an overall understanding of the platform and how it will change the way you do business day to day. What are our principals and what are “ best practices”.

The Go Truck Hub

This initial Episode will give you an overall understanding of the platform and how it will change the way you do business day to day. What are our principals and what are “ best practices”.

How to Conduct transactions with Carriers

In this episode we will discuss the best practices on how to conduct business with your carriers once you have procured them within the network. What are the DO’s and DON'Ts and how can you build relationships after the initial transaction.

The Benefits of the Platform for Carriers

Most Carriers of 10 trucks or less have no software to run their back office. Truck Hub is set up to run the carriers back office from start to finish. Carriers will have a “ LITE” CRM, a “LITE” Recruitment System and a fully robust TMS to run their entire business from any computer and from anywhere in the world.

Our Podcasts

For detailed discussions of the transportation industry as well as industry outlook take advantage of our Podcasts. We focus on breakthrough technology, transportation regulation changes and how to use marketing to better your business. We will focus on SEO, PPC and Social Media Strategies.

In the future we will have special guests who are specialists in certain sectors of the supply chain. We will connect with Shippers and Carriers to discuss how Truck Hub Software is improving their business and what “best practices” they have developed.

The Big Picture

In our inaugural podcast we discuss the big picture of our software and how we are trying to eliminate the middleman. Getting Shippers and Carriers directly to the source.

Streamlining Your Operation

In a perfect world you use one system, one username and password to access your day to day operations. That is our goal, let's talk about it!

The Transportation Industries Current State

The world is changing, consumers are pivoting quicker than ever but why is transportation always behind? What can we do to speed up our process and become more efficient?

Carriers get a bad rap for being inefficient here's why?

Brokers have been taking advantage of carriers for years because carriers have not been able to leverage technology. That has now changed and here is why!

Recent News & Articles

Learn more about the ways in which our innovation is helping evolve expectations for businesses and manufacturers alike.

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