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Freight Matching Services

Go Assetco offers a powerful solution for your truckload needs. Their technology matches you with the best carrier for your job, considering factors like real-time location, reliability, and past performance. They have a vast network of over 50,000 carriers to ensure you get a truck where and when you need it.

Go AssetCo simplifies your LTL shipping within a 50-mile radius. Get upfront pricing, real-time tracking, and instant delivery confirmations. Schedule deliveries on-demand or in advance, and choose from a variety of truck options including temperature-controlled and bonded vehicles.

Go AssetCo streamlines your container drayage needs. Find reliable, UIIA-approved carriers for local hauls within the US. Choose from a variety of container types including refrigerated and bonded options. Their online marketplace connects you with thousands of draymen, eliminating the need for brokers and offering real-time tracking throughout the process.

Go AssetCo’s Shipper Support offers a wealth of resources to help you navigate their online marketplace, regardless of your experience level. Their “Shipper Academy” provides information on their brand, technology, and industry trends, all designed to empower you to build direct relationships with carriers and streamline your back-office operations.

Go AssetCo cuts out the middleman with a transparent pricing model. They charge a flat administration fee based on the service type (drayage, truckload, local delivery, warehousing) – ranging from 5% to 10%. Shippers benefit from 30-day credit lines and automatic invoicing, while carriers receive guaranteed payment with flexible options like a 1.5% quick pay fee. Their dedicated team handles everything from quotes and carrier selection to booking, tracking, and issue resolution.

Go AssetCo’s Shipment Tracker simplifies e-commerce fulfillment with a user-friendly platform that provides real-time tracking and centralized control. Their extensive network of warehouses lets you scale fulfillment closer to customers, reducing delivery times and costs. Manage everything from inventory to billing in one system, while maintaining your brand identity and exceeding customer expectations through reliable on-time deliveries. Data-driven insights help you continuously optimize your fulfillment network for growth.


Freight Matching Services