Are 3PL’s Immune to Government Shutdowns?

powerplant working during government shutdown

CLOSING TIME The Government Shutdown has an impact on many industries, no matter how small and the 3PL and transportation industry is no exception to this. Before we examine what exactly the length of the government shutdown can do in the future, we need to remember the past. 2018 was a very good year for […]

Trucker Fatigue Leads to Problems⼁SmartCap Offers a Possible Solution

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FATIGUE Trucker drivers work long, hard hours. The time spent on the road wears away at the driver. Even though they are sitting down they’re working. Anyone who’s driven long distances knows what can happen on the road. Irresponsible drivers, sudden traffic, engine trouble, etc. can all happen on a single day. It requires constant […]


Reverse logistics

TOP 5 LEADING TRUCK STOPS The road can get even the strongest trucker weary and tired. Long hours, the monotony of driving straight for hours on end can wear away at anyone. Everyone needs a break after putting in long hours at the wheel. Who knows better than fellow truck drivers where the best truck […]

Lesson Learned From Delivery Models


THE DRIVER DELIVERY MODEL Imagine this. You’ve ordered a package from Amazon. There’s a specific estimated delivery time of noon that day. Finally, when noon arrives your package is delivered to you via a drone carrier. As you look up at the sky there are drones sparsely scattered. Each one carrying a package for another person. […]