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Join a TMS that caters to 3 modes of domestic transport FTL, LTL & FCL and a WMS “Lite” Warehouseman


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Eliminate The MiddleMan, Go Direct!

Conventional Brokerage is a Thing of the Past!! Find direct solutions, build relationships with carriers and shippers directly with our freight matching system, and work with a neutral marketplace that will manage all the onboarding, carrier compliance, claims and payments for all your Last Mile, Container Drayage, and Full Truck Load needs. We also have incorporated in the onboarding a Warehouseman Profile so carriers can upsell warehousing and shippers can use their available warehouse space. We have carriers all across the country with warehouse space.

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Flexible Solutions

We are available 24/7/365 and have a carrier network of 50,000+. Within our platform, Shippers will have access to LTL, FTL and FCL Carriers.

No Hidden Issues

Our Marketplace has clear administrative fees for every mode of transportation as well as warehouse service. You will work directly with the carrier and our admin fees are broken down.

High Performance

We are extremely strict with our carrier onboarding. Our administration costs cover onboarding, carrier compliance, cargo claims, payments and training.

Free Technology

Shippers and Carriers will have a complete cloud based solution that will handle their administrative functions from start to finish. Online Load board, Uber Like Tracking, payment processing, Contact Management System and ERP.

Find carriers & track your freight from your favorite device. Our 24/7 tracking system helps shippers stay on top of their game.
We have a load for you and more flexible bookings. Our carriers get thousands of shipments picked up each week nationwide.v

What Logistics Services Are Included?

No account is too small and no destination is too far. We are here to help you succeed in managing all your Local Deliveries, Container Drayage and Full Truck Load Nationwide Needs. We will be your Online Management System that will hold all your data and keep you organized while you build your business.

3PL Warehouseman

We have over 2,500,000 sq. ft. of flex space warehousing solutions nationwide. Search any carrier profile, see the amount of space, and what warehouse services they offer. Negotiate online. E-Commerce, Retail Distribution and Overflow.

Full Truckload

Various equipment types like dry van, temperature controlled, over-sized and flatbed. We offer Nationwide Trucking Services all 48 States.

Less than Truckload

Find Local Delivery Companies for any state. Manage Carriers who offer Local Milk Runs with 16 Ft, 26 Ft, and Box Vans in any city across the USA.

Container Drayage

Find Carriers across all terminals in the USA that can handle container drayage from port to your warehouse. Carrier Profiles will include a number of trucks, chassis and accessorial’s like hazmat, overweight and bonded.

Why Freight Shippers Choose Go Assetco Freight Matching?

Think of us as arbitrators. We are here to be neutral to both carriers and shippers. We will work our butts off to make sure your experience is the best it can be. We are one of the online Freight Matching softwares that will manage multiple modes of transportation all in one system. You will not need any other operating system to connect to.

Carriers can run their entire business on our FREE TMS and WMS “Lite”

By joining Go Assetco carriers get free software to manage their entire business from driver recruiting, a CRM, connection to Quickbooks, connection to KeepTruckin ELD, Driver Profile, Asset Manager Software, Map View, Loadboard, DAT Integration, Mileage Calculator, Warehouse Management System for E-Commerce, Pallets & Retail Distribution and much more. You will not be disappointed with what you get and it’s all FREE!

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Technology for Carriers, Shippers & Warehousemen

By Joining our Team, Shippers, Warehouseman and Carriers will be given access to a complete online Transportation Management System and Warehouse Management System  that will allow for both parties to communicate and work seamlessly. Shippers will have a Go Truck Hub Load Board as well as access to pushing loads to DAT. Carriers will have a Go Truck Hub Loadboard with exclusive loads. Carriers will be able to connect to Quickbooks, KeepTruckin and DAT. Warehouseman will be able to post space during non peak season to shippers who are looking for warehouse space for E-Commerce, Pallet Storage or Retail Fulfillment. 

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